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usb car charger

usb car charger
Car Charger Adapter

Applies to all types of mobile phones , MP3/MP4 , IPad, I Phone , GPS and others

Features :

1. Perfect accessory for travel.

2. Mobile phone or other device can still be used during charging.

3. With short circuit protection and never heats or over charge the battery.

4. Material: A grade ABS or Bakelite, never use recycle plastic.

5. LED indicator: as your requirement.

6. Efficiency: More than 85%.

7. Charging time: 2-3 hours.

8. With DC or USB cable or USB type.

9. Short-circuit protection, Over-current protection, Over-voltage protection.

10. Good workmanship and high quality .

11. Warranty : 24 Months.

12. EMC & Safety standard:ROHS / CE / E-MARK.

Output Power Output Voltage Output Current Color One Port USB Type Two Port USB Type DC Plug Type
5W Max. 5 Vdc 1000mA Max. All Color V X V
12W Max. 3 ~ 48Vdc 2100mA Max. V V V
18W Max. 3 ~ 48Vdc 3330mA Max V V V
25W Max. 3 ~ 48Vdc 3600mA Max V V V
40W Max. 3 ~ 48Vdc 5000mA Max. X V V
60W Max. 18 ~ 33Vdc 3400mA Max. X X V