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Power supply Adapter four Nordic countries Certification

What are the four Nordic countries Certification

  Four Nordic countries Certification (NORIC certification) specifies the agreement between Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark Shikoku certification bodies, mutual recognition, as long as the manufacturer's product to obtain certification in the four Nordic countries any country, manufacturers do not need to and then offer you can get the other three countries to recognize the certificates easily.

Shikoku certification body refer respectively NEMKO (Norway Electrical Standards Association), SEMKO (Swedish Electrical Standards Association), DEMKO Council) and FIMKO (Finland Electrical Standards Association) certification. Which has NEMKO sign on behalf of the product through the Norwegian certification test, in order to ensure that products can withstand the physical loss, combustion and electronic shock. NEMKO flag is valid 10 years after the evaluation, had a new test. Having SEMKO symbol indicates that the product is consistent with European standards.


Four Nordic countries the scope of certification

Household appliances, household machinery, sports goods, household electronic equipment, electrical and electronic office equipment, industrial machinery, which security-related products.

Four Nordic countries certification bodies

        FIMKO: Finland electrical detection (Elelctricallnspectorate, SETI) recognized CB certificate and its attachments, and supervise the review sample test reports include Finnish national differences, the need for factory inspection (generally does not require post-factory supervision and inspection) prior to certification, the products of , FI-Mark marking requirements contain IEC or CEE safety standard content and CTSPR publications, FI- Mark logo for CB system included electrical products is mandatory.

  NEMKO: Norway electrical equipment test approved by the Committee, recognized CB certificate and its annexes, including the test reports and the Norwegian national differences, does not require factory inspection in the Norwegian market using a mandatory registration system, the implementation of market supervision and sampling, unless for some reason in advance Cancel valid certificate 10 years, NEMKO logo is recognized mark, voluntary testing system is an alternative to mandatory testing, N-Mark logo also includes a content standard IEC or CEE safety outside: radio interference.

  SEMKO: Founded in 1925 in Sweden, the former mandatory safety certification of units approved by the Government of Sweden, can be said that the Swedish Inspection Bureau. SEMKO test is one of the oldest organizations in the world in safety testing, accreditation and conformity assessment by the Swedish Committee (SwedishBoardforAccreditationandConformityAssessment; SWEDAC) as a nationally recognized laboratory, is the designated agency (NotifiedBody) under a number of EU directives, but also as international Electrotechnical Commission (InternationalElectrotechnicalCommission; IEC) CB plans to issue a maximum number of reports of testing and certification testing organizations. SEMKO in Intertek Group acquired in 1994, merged with the ETL ETLSEMKODivision.

  DEMKO: Denmark electrical equipment approved by the Administrator (DEMKO) recognized CB certificate and its attachments, and test reports include Danish national differences, factory inspection is not required before certification, the products of supervision and review of sampling, unless earlier canceled for any reason, certificate 10 effective During the year, the product into the market to DEMKO register eight days, which is mandatory. UL has been acquired for the development of the European market, a certification mark certification.