Acceptance Mark
Information type power supply adapter UL60950-1 certification requirements apply for US regulatory
Information type power supply Adapter in accordance with UL60950-1 apply for US regulatory certification, Section 5.3 Executive Single fault test tube Fuse requirements for package instructions.

Built-in Fuse product if coated casing (Tubing / Sleeving), you must first remove the rear casing (Tubing / Sleeving) Single fault test further testing.
Executive Single fault test if the fuse has actuated, the need to confirm whether the fuse burst, burst Fuse circumstances have to be identified as the test failed.
If the sleeve wrap, because the sleeve does not fuse to blow up as a buffer or protection, so before a test is performed to remove the sleeve to be first, to avoid the sleeve affect the test results, detailed above refer to UL PAG 5.3. 8-1 (see below)