Acceptance Mark
IEC 62368-1:2018
IEC 62368-1: 2018

International Standard IEC 62368-1: 2018 and EU Standard EN 62368-1: 2020 (Three Editions of All Two) After the third edition is confirmed, the product will be updated again. However, the market stop in April 2020, the market market EN 62368-1: 2020 standard is announced 2021-01-26, but the market order 2014/35 / EU return is not available EN 62368-1: 2020. , In the situation of large increase in market demand such as flat plate under the influence of the epidemic, electric power and play equipment, etc. Pre-standard last renewal deadline, grasp market entry destination machine.

On the other hand, Mikuni Waka, Canada, complete acceptance UL 62368-1 Acting Kokuya Standard, UL 62368-1 Standard Probable Complete Substitution Current UL 60950-1 與 UL 60065.

Power supply equipment factory Ota self-started last year Standard update of the progress of the land, contacting the display device, computer weekly, communication goods, etc. Listed in the product factory!

Various high-tech products in the application of the new standard Hironori, comprehensive: electronic electric equipment, shadow sound equipment, financial equipment, communication, network non-exceeding 600V commercial server automation equipment, power supply equipment, listening device, display, telescopic, writing type Computers, personal computers, computers, computers, etc.