Acceptance Mark
Class III equipment is used in conjunction with an external power supply to apply for UL62368-1 in the US. Precautions for the instruction manual                                                                         
The information audio and video products use an external power supply. Although the external power supply has already complied with the relevant UL certification, the external power supply itself can accept the relevant instructions for use when performing UL certification. In each external power supply package, it is allowed to be integrated into the product manual when paired with the backend product. Therefore, the back-end products will require the full-use manual to include the instructions for the external power supply when performing UL certification. Most of the product manuals will lack the grounding requirements. When the product is used together, it needs to be grounded to class I (Class I). Power supply, the recommended instruction manual adds the following example:

Ensure to connect the power cord of power adapter to a socket-outlet with earthing connection.

In addition, the relevant description will be added to the UL safety report as follows, and the relevant requirements for inspection during factory inspection are required.