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high power usb wifi Adapter

high power usb wifi Adapter
USB Charger Adapter
Case Size: 60 x 36.7 x 42.6 mm

●Green power, full complies with CEC level VI, MEPS VI EUP2011。
●Extra safe design, have got their respective safety approvals。
●Completed protect function。
Key Applications of USB series
It’s suitable for an extremely wide range of applications, including:
●Mobile Devices。
●Excellent Flat Computer Charger with extra safe design。
●Set - top - box。
●Audio & Video product。
●Household appliance。
●Panel pad。

Output Power Output Voltage Output Current Port Color Wall Plug Interchangeable Plug Car Charger
15W Max. 5 ~ 24Vdc 100 ~ 3000mA 1 All Color V V V
24W Max. 2 V X V
24W Max. 3 V X X
28W Max. 4 V X X